Anxiety is the feeling of unrest among adults. It can be serious or mild, but it almost always constitutes fear. Everyone feels anxious at certain points in their lives. You might be worried and afraid to sit an examination got to a job interview, or have a medical examination done.   

But during such times, feeling anxious can be perfectly normal. Some people are struggling to contain their fears. The symptoms of anxiety can be serious, and they often can affect their everyday lives. One’s anxiety becomes the principal symptom of several diseases, such as panic disorder, and phobia. It is also associated with PTSD and social phobia. GAD is among the long-term conditions that make you anxious over different problems and situations instead of just one specific event.   

Increased appetite is a symptom of several conditions, including panic disorder. People with GAD are mostly concerned about relaxing. They also struggle when remembering the very last time that they feel calm. When their anxious thoughts have been solved, another question may appear. That is how GAD can cause mental, physical, and psychological symptoms.  

GAD Symptoms   

Symptoms may vary from each person, but it may include feeling anxious or nervous. Those who suffer from it may also have trouble sleeping or concentrating. They will also feel dizzy at times, and they may suffer from heart palpitations as well.   

A combination of various factors will most likely play a role, the actual causes of GAD aren’ fully understood. Research suggests that it may include overactivity in brain-related emotions and behaviors, imbalance in the use of brain-chemical noradrenaline and serotonin that are essential in mood regulation and control. Heredity is also a factor with GAD. If your parents suffer from GAD, then you are likely to develop the same disease 5 times more than people who don’t.   

GAD Treatment   

The treatment of GAD can significantly influence your day-to-day life. However, various treatments should be available to alleviate these symptoms. The common treatments include psychological and medical treatments.   

There’s a need for psychological interventions when you suffer from GAD. You don’t normally need any GP referral to consult with a psychologist to help you out. Simply seek out an expert psychologist Gold Coast to get the help that you need.   

As for medications, what are normally used are antidepressants. Most people can control their medication but many are not drug-inhibitors. However, there might need to continue therapy for an extended period of time. Otherwise, the symptoms may only worsen.  

Managing GAD  

If you’re concerned about a particular phobia or panic disorder, you usually know what’s its cause. For example, if you have claustrophobia, which is defined as the fear of confined spaces, then you know that you are anxious to be confined to a small area. Yet it may not always be clear about what you are worried about. Not knowing what triggers your anxiety will intensify it, and you might start worrying that there is no remedy. This is the area where a psychologist can help you best.